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Creating a healthier future with Miranda Kusi, Clinical Nutritionist

Episode Summary

There are people you meet in life, which leave a long-lasting impression on you. My guest this week is one of those people, alongside being one of the most humble, kind, and sincere women I’ve met during my ex-pat journey. In today’s episode, I’m chatting to Miranda Kusi, a Clinical Nutritionist, who before Covid, moved from Dubai to Florence, Italy, completely changing her approach to living her life. Miranda’s health journey began with a serious digestive upset for several years before healing herself through food, competing in bodybuilding shows, and, later on, rediscovering the power of nutrition in improving her hormonal and gut imbalances. Her journey and insatiable curiosity led Miranda to today - practicing functional nutrition to achieve optimal health. We delve into what life is like outside the hustle of Dubai and her role as a clinical nutritionist.

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